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H Y D R A   B R A N D


Clothing is the clothing of middle plus category.

The core of the concept is a combination of two strengths and interacting centres:

strict geometry intrinsic to a human being and softness of the natural forms embodying indomitable power. The conjunction of geometry expressed in lines, forms and silhouettes with the materials containing natural colours, textures and properties initiates generation of a new understanding and vision of clothes.


M A R I N A   S H E V K U N O V A

Марина Шевкунова Hydra Brand



The first step to the world of design was the Fashion Show Revertika with theatrical costumes for displays and performances arranged in 2008. At the same time she studied to be a mathematician/programmer. Concurrently she tailored clothes on a by-order basis. Starting from 2012 she has been working as a SEO specialist. In 2014 she graduated from the British Higher School of Art and Design with a degree in Fashion Design; that was also when HYDRA brand appeared. During her studies Marina started to pay much attention to treatment technologies and materials with complex composition and texture, which remains essential for her even now.




Development of cover for the exoskeleton made by ExoAtlet company for rehabilitation where it was important to study and examine in detail the properties of materials and production assemblies in order to achieve the best operation of equipment.


One of the founders and editor of the Fresh Blood designers support project.



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